Keynote Speakers

Alexandra Supper


Dr. Alexandra Supper
The Everyday Life of Sonification

Monday, June 24th, 11:30-12:30
Nixon Hall (Wynne Jones)


Bio: Alexandra Supper is an assistant professor in the Department of Society Studies at Maastricht University. Trained in sociology and science & technology studies, she is interested in studying the dynamics of (disciplinary and interdisciplinary) academic communities. For her PhD research on the sonification of scientific data, she conducted ethnographic research at ICAD conferences, paying particular attention to how the sonification community seeks to establish the scientific legitimacy of listening to scientific data, and in doing so, negotiates the meanings of ‘objectivity’ and the relationship between science and art. Her work has been published, among others, in the Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies and various peer-reviewed journals, including Social Studies of Science, Science as Culture and Sound Studies.

Jude Brereton


Dr. Jude Brereton
Listener and Performer Perception

Tuesday, June 25th, 11:10-12:10
Nixon Hall (Wynne Jones)


Bio: Jude Brereton is a Senior Lecturer (T&S) in Audio and Music Technology in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of York. She teaches a number of modules in the areas of acoustics, psyschoacoustics, virtual acoustics and auralization, music performance analysis, voice analysis and synthesis on postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. She designed the department’s popular MSc in Audio and Music Technology and was programme leader until 2017. Her research interests include: the performance and perception in virtual acoustic environments; the use of spatial sound to enhance performer and listener experience and interaction; the analysis, perception and evaluation of musical performance; the analysis and synthesis of the human voice. In 2008 Jude was winner of the British Voice Association Van Lawrence Prize for Voice Research.