Binaural Walk

Walking from Newcastle Central Station to the CIS Building

Below is a binaural recording of the walk up to the CIS building from Newcastle Central Station. To assist with navigation, I have included a number of waymarks which are marked on the accompanying map. These waypoints are also embedded in the sound file with the tags Cue01.. Cue11.

The walk

100:00Inside Newcastle Central Station. There is about 40 s of ambience from the main concourse here. For some reason, there were no train announcements!
200:41Crossing over Neville Street and walking around and up the start of Grainger Street. When you exit the front door of the station you will find two pedestrian crossings, one to the left and one to the right. The street was quite busy so it took me a little while to cross.
302:11Crossing over Westgate Road. Listen out for the sound of scaffolding being erected outside the Mile Castle pub on the corner of Westgate Road and Grainger Street.
404:03At the crossing between Grainger Street and Bigg Market on the right and Newgate on the left. I cross over and carry on up Grainger Street. As I walk past the Grainger Market on the left at around 05:18 you will hear a man a very broad Geordie accent talking on his phone as he comes out of the Row B entrance just as I walk past.
507:05With the Grey Monument just behind and to my left I cross over Blackett street and turn right. This street is a single lane, but buses and taxis travel along it in both directions, so be careful as you cross.
607:50At the junction of Blackstreet and Pilgrim Street going down to the right and Northumberland Street going up to the left. On the Pilgrim Street corner is Northern Goldsmiths with its disctinctive copper dome. You will hear its clock chime every quater hour.

Now I turn left up the pedestrianised Northumberland Street. This is a busy shopping street and very popular with buskers. You can hear a trumpet player further up towards Haymarket. Later in the day there will be several buskers dotted up and down Northumberland Street.
708:52Having just walked past Greggs on the right and Fenwick on the left I turn right by Superdrug into Saville Row. This is not to be confused with its more famous London namesake!

About halfway down on the left is a small Tesco supermarket which you may find comes in handy during your stay.
810:11I walk along Saville Row and down the steps at the end and use the crossing point to cross over John Dobson street and up to Durant Road. Note, as you cross, first there are two traffic lanes, then a separate cycle way, so watch out you don't get hit by a passing cyclist. The wind picked up at this point and my in-ear binaural microphones didn't have windshields.
911:09II reach the junction of John Dobson sreet ad College Street. I cross straight over onto what now becomes Ellison Place, as John Dobson Street bears off to the right towards the Central Motorway. You will see Hatch Coffee to your right where you can buy most excellent coffee. As I walk you will hear the sound feel more enclosed as Mea House passes over me just up ahead.
1012:24I turn left into Ellison Building. You can hear the list ahead of me announcing it is going up.
1112:32I immediately turn right through the double doors into the atrium of the CIS building. There is a radio playing in the little coffee stand.